Pi stones, also known as donut stones or doughnut pendants, are versatile and aesthetically pleasing gemstones that have gained popularity in jewelry making. These stones are characterized by their round, flat shape with a hole in the center, resembling a donut. 

They are often used as pendants in necklaces and can be adorned with intricate patterns, symbols, or meaningful designs. Pi stones have significant cultural and spiritual connotations in various traditions around the world.

In Tibetan Buddhism, for instance, they are considered sacred and are used as meditation tools, prayer beads, or protective amulets. These stones are believed to carry positive energies and are often chosen for their unique symbolism and soothing qualities. From a jewelry-making perspective, pi stones offer artists and designers an intriguing canvas to craft captivating pieces.

The central hole provides an interesting design element, allowing for innovative stringing and attachment methods. They come in a variety of gemstones, colors, and sizes, appealing to different tastes and preferences. Whether cherished for their spiritual significance or valued as exquisite ornaments, pi stones continue to captivate jewelry enthusiasts, blending artistry, symbolism, and personal expression in a single, beautifully crafted piece.

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